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Services Offered

My goal is to inspire you to attain greater heights of self-awareness through motivating, yet fun, physical training.  I aim to create healthier fitness and nutrition plans geared specifically to you,  using all natural ways. As a nationally certified strength and conditioning specialist, I create unique fitness plans for individuals, special needs communities, and companies.

Squatting with Band
One on One Personalized Training


You have a busy life and I know this.  Allow me to take some of the stress out of your day by creating a personalized fitness plan built around your needs.  To help you meet your goals, I am willing to meet at a predetermined location that is convenient for you.

Corporate Fitness
Your business is as important to us as it is to you.  Studies have shown that employees on regular workout schedules tend do be more optimistic, focused, and driven.  This means better business in the long run, so get fit with your fellow coworker's!  Let’s keep them healthy sharp and full of energy.  My programs are designed to take just 30 minutes with minimal space requirements, so that we can maintain the Fitness and health of the company.
Fitness Group
Group Training
No one likes to work out alone bring your significant other group of friends and family, to  a small group session that will save time and money and best of all get your closer with the ones close to you while getting healthy at the same time.
Strength and Conditioning for Bone Health
If you have low bone density, osteoporosis,are pre-osteoporotic, or menopausal this apply specifically to you.  It is known that our bones are the most important structures of the body. Our natural posture, muscles, and organs depend on our bones. Over time, our bones weaken and loose mass.  This weakening causes them to bend, causing pain throughout the body along with severe health problems. With my specialized training, you can actually rebuild your bones and this can be proven on Bone Density Scans (BDS). This combined weight and movement training causes the agents responsible for building bone, Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts, to increase.
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