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My clients, who are my passion, have had great results!  Here's a few words from them!


“Using the fitness services and food plans that Marie put together, I am now in even better shape than my military days.  It's challenging and fun to workout with the TRX equipment, kettlebells, and  body weight training in ways that never get old.   With Marie's nutritional knowledge, I've eaten tastier  & healthier food than ​any other point in my life.  
Shane Buchholz 2012, ​Ex-Navy Client

Deliana M. April 8, 2017- 5 out of 5 stars Personal Training

Marie is a great personal trainer! she is nice, patient & knowledgeable in fitness & nutrition. She is helping me adopt healthy eating habits & she is making the journey of losing weight very pleasent. She also works out with you which is a great motivator.

Tim H. October 2, 2016- 5 out of 5 stars Personal Trainer

Marie was great to work with- very personable and accomodating!! The only reason I stopped was because of an unrelated injury and subsequent issues. If she's still available I'll be hiring her again soon for more intense training!!

Joan Burton Aug 14, 2020

I am a 68 year old woman, who is extremely overweight, has breathing problems, bad knees and an inactive lifestyle. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and AMP Fitness is in Florida. My sister, who lives in Florida, trains there with Marie. She had such success, that we made arrangements for Marie and I to try Skype lessons..A year later and I am still training with her. My sessions have been so successful that, I have gone from 2 days of training a week to 5 days. Marie began our training by evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and asking about my overall health and lifestyle. Then we began our sessions exercising. I was amazed at how she was able to modify exercise so, i would be able to do them. Marie is always so encouraging, that you feel like you have a personal cheerleader. Besides fitness, Marie also has a free app where you enter your food you consume. She guides you to meet your nutrition goal by reviewing your food diary, answering question, sending articles, food list, and recipes. In other words, she is a GREAT fitness and nutrition teacher, even if she does assign homework for your days off.I can not end this review, without mentioning how understanding she is when you mush change your schedule. As i stated earlier, i have added sessions to my week, because I have become stronger and feel so much better. My ability to move, range of motion, breathing, and stamina have vastly improved. I am so grateful, that Marie had agreed to try Skype sessions with me, because it has so improved my quality of life. I would recommend you give her an opportunity to improve and enrich your life.

Linda Mulhearn Jan 10, 2019

I’ve been working with Marie as my trainer for several months. I was a little worried when I started because I’m older and not exactly a fitness freak. But Marie is great to work with because she assesses your level of fitness and then works with you from there. We started with Marie coming to my house but now we meet via Skype which really helps with flexibility since I have to travel sometimes. She’s always encouraging and if needed she will modify the routine on the fly. I highly recommend Marie as a personal trainer!

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