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Hello and thanks for stopping by my site!  My name is Marie Perry.  I have been a Personal Health and Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Consultant for 9 years. I received my nationally recognized certification from N.P.T.I (National Personal Training Institute) in Winter Park, FL.  Learning how to work out correctly and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and sticking to it, helped save my life! I have been medication free since.  Exercise and eating correctly for my body keep my incurable P.C.O.S (Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome) something I can handle without the countless medications that turned me into a zombie for years. Now I want to help better your life using similar techniques.  Let's kick start your new healthier life together! I work out with you most of the time to help teach you correct form while also helping to motivate you more. My programs are fun and ever changing so you nor your body never get bored! I'll bring the Motivation, you give me your dedication, and together with lots of perspiration we will reach your goals.​


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